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Elicia Silverstein

musical time traveler

"Highly emotionally intelligent... pure art"


"Delicious... wonderfully inventive"

The Strad

"Silverstein sets the bar high"

The Strad

"A revelation"

The Telegraph


Concert experiences

BIBER PASSACAGLIA – Elicia Silverstein, violinist

MOZART – Sinfonia Concertante – Elicia Silverstein, violinist

LIVE Mendelssohn Double Concerto: III/ Elicia Silverstein, violin & Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya, piano

Biber Mystery Sonatas Excerpt Silverstein & Mencoboni – Musica Ricercata Festival Timisoara 2023

About Elicia

Violinist Elicia Silverstein, 2020 winner of the BBC Music Magazine Best Newcomer Award has garnered praise on the international stage for her bold, nuanced and insightful performances of repertoire ranging from the 17th to the 21st century. Equally at home as a performer on historical and modern instruments, as a soloist with orchestra, giving recitals and playing chamber music, her “wonderfully inventive” playing (The Strad) and her “highly emotionally intelligent” (Gramophone) approach to music making distinguish Silverstein as one of the most important musical voices of her generation.


Leipzig Metamorphosis

Elicia Silverstein, violin
Accademia dell’Annunciata
Riccardo Doni, harpsichord, chamber organ & conductor

In this program, Elicia Silverstein, Riccardo Doni and his Accademia dell’Annunciata offer the listener a window into a dialogue between the musical world of J.S. Bach and that of his Leipzig compatriot, the young Felix Mendelssohn, who, through his knowledge of the music of Bach is able to “remember the future,” as Luciano Berio later put it, forging a new musical language, informed, colored and perfumed by the past.


Elicia Silverstein, violin
Francesco Cera, harpsichord & portative organ
Silverstein and her esteemed musical collaborator, harpsichordist and organist Francesco Cera, explore the highly spiritual world of Biber’s Mystery Sonatas (also known as the “Rosary Sonatas”), some of the most fascinating music ever composed for the violin. Rich with symbolism, each sonata depicts one of the fifteen Mysteries of the Cross described in the Catholic liturgical tradition. With unusual scordatura tunings and symbolically charged harmonic and rhythmic devices, Biber brings each Mystery of the Cross vividly to life. The fourteen different scordatura tunings help establish the unique character of each sonata by varying the tension on the violin and thereby eliciting from the instrument a distinctive resonance, color, and affect matched to the Mystery depicted. In order to equip themselves to recreate for both themselves and modern listeners the scenery, action, and emotions of each Mystery, Silverstein and Cera have delved deeply into the liturgical texts associated with each.  Their aim is nothing less than the fully immersive meditative experience they believe Biber envisioned when he composed the sonatas in the seventeenth century.

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August 07, 2024


Brisighella (IT) Festival La Magia del Borgo
9:00 pm

September 07, 2024

Biber Mystery Sonatas

Asciano Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore
9:00 pm

September 27, 2024

Beethoven Violin Concerto

Olsztyn (PL) Philharmonic Concert Hall
7:00 pm

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